Training and Future Proofing

“What do I mean by training? All I want is a website?!”

For many of our clients, taking on a digital-focused marketing approach can be a daunting prospect.

This is where the “Enablr” bit of DIGITAL ENABLR comes in… Right from the start of our working process, we will ensure that the digital tools you want are right for you and that you have a clear understanding of how to use them in the future so you can become digitally self-sufficient (if you choose to).

Perhaps you have a small team in your business who are ready to take on some of these responsibilities, which will help them develop while giving you more time to get on with higher-level strategy or business development stuff. We can train your team in best practice, develop “How-to” guides in helpful (not jargon-filled) language, and ensure that you and your team have the confidence to take on digital tasks in the most professional and efficient way.

We can talk to you about what kind of things you need to be aware of as a business owner with an online presence (such as cyber security).

We are not here to borrow your watch and tell you the time. Through this service, we aim to borrow your watch, show you how it works, show you how to fix it if it stops working and leave you with the confidence to do it all yourself the next time.

Future Proofing

“Future Proofing” what does that mean!?

With your long-term goals in mind, we make sure that the digital solutions chosen will work for you now – and in the future. We will ensure that they are scalable and can grow with your business.

When working with a digital partner to create websites, emails, etc., clients often find themselves dependent upon a digital partner, meaning that whatever needs to be done ends up costing you a small fortune.

If needed DIGITAL ENABLR will train you in the skills you need to be a confident digital communicator – without turning you into a coder, because you have a business to run –  but with comprehensive ”How-to” guides, written in language that you understand. Allowing you to regularly take control of your digital output, we will help you incorporate the necessary tasks into your usual day to day business routine so that it doesn’t feel like you’ve lost your focus by taking this on.

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Feedback on my training:

“Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with – she was very knowledgeable about her field, and always happy to share her knowledge with others in a way that was clear and easy to understand, even for those with no digital background. She was helpful, very personable, and brought a spark of creativity to everything she did.” Souraya Ali, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration, and Skills at Greater London Authority

“Laura has trained various members of the ESF team in digital and web communications, making it easy for us to update our website and also advising on content and navigation, as well as best practice, to allow us to publish info online independently. Laura has also trained us on social media, particularly Twitter which has enabled us to get our messages out at key times and during key events within the funding cycle. She has approached all of these training sessions with enthusiasm and patience and has been a valuable member of the digital team.” David Jones, PMO (Programme Management Office) Analyst at City of London Corporation

“Laura helped me to realise plans to simplify and rationalise the content on our website relating to my service and policy areas. Through a collaborative and iterative process, we created order from chaos. Laura was extremely patient in explaining technical concepts and system limitations to ensure we got the best outcome. The result was a dramatically simplified system with improved user experience.” Rob Kidd, CMgr FCMI MAPM, Project, Programme and PMO management specialist & Director at Rubikon Consulting Ltd