DIGITAL ENABLR was founded by Laura Austin. With a passion for communication and digital marketing, and a natural drive to empower and help others succeed she has been called an ”intuitive champion of the talented, the creative and the hardworking.”

Having worked in marketing and communications for just over two decades (with an emphasis on digital for twelve of those years). Over that time, she gained a huge amount of experience working with an incredible range of clients from a wide variety of industries (in both the public and private sectors) and in a number of guises: as a freelance, within agencies and in-house within teams, including both UK and global client teams, for example:

But, she doesn’t just work with the biggies of this world! She relishes the process of working with smaller, more niche clients, too including start-ups, artists, fashion designers, furniture designers, hospitality clients, education specialists, craft brands and more. These include:

After this extensive experience, the move into full-time marketing consultancy felt like a natural next step, in order to continue her development and broaden her horizons.  Always inspired by the teams she works with, and invigorated by the process of fuelling her clients’ success.

She offers a wide range of services and is always open to working in new areas, with new clients and is happy to provide detailed information about any of the projects she has worked on and references too. If you’d like to hear some direct comments from clients and colleagues, check out the “Recommendations” section of her LinkedIn profile. Look forward to hearing from you!