Strategy for Success

“You’ve got to set them up for success!” Maybe you’ve heard the phrase. It’s one that has stuck with us since we first heard it, and it is at the core of what we offer clients. The fundamental objective of all our work is setting you up for digital success.

Because “Digital” Doesn’t Always Come Naturally!

Having started her professional career before so much of our lives became digital, Laura is a digital migrant, rather than a digital native. That’s right! I stepped into the digital realm as a professional six years into my career and it, combined with a love of creativity, became my passion. So whether digital is a learning curve for you or second nature let’s work together.

My process takes into account:

  • your business goals and KPIs
  • business challenges (in relation to digital)
  • your customer touchpoints (or where your customers come into contact with you)
  • your audience/s
  • your future growth plans
  • your team structure
  • your budget
  • your working style
  • your expectations of the project results

Empowering digital success requires an understanding of all of these elements, and my processes are transparent. I will – as part of my process – layout:

  • the process and phases, with full visibility of the process
  • planning and potential challenges, so you understand how the project will progress
  • sign-off processes, ensuring you’ve got what you want at each stage
  • a full outline of team members
  • costs per hour/task/project (depending on the nature of the project)
  • timelines, milestones, and deadlines

Strategy – along with clear aims and goals – is the measurement of success. Within strategic projects, we will explore what success should look like, and set up measurement tools so that the learnings from one campaign can inform and build all future campaigns.

Once we’ve got the strategy down, then we can get onto the really fun stuff like websites, social media content, blog posts and more. If you want to get started, why not get in touch?