Digital Strategy

If you have a business that is either B2B or B2C I can work with you to create a marketing strategy in line with your business goals. Whether your aim is to increase lead generation, to get more traffic to your website or shop (or both) or if you want to raise awareness about a specific activity you are doing I can create a strategy that will take into consideration your audience, your requirements, and your budget. Within the strategy, I can also build in goals and conversion targets (to understand how audiences are responding to campaigns or your website content) so that you can see what works for you and learn from this too. Want to discuss Digital Strategy further?

Auditing your website and online presence

Perhaps you already have a website and are disappointed in its performance or want to do more digital marketing or extend your website but are wary of taking on more development? I can audit your website as well as your other online channels (such as a business Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedInMedium, or Twitter accounts) and see where you can improve and make suggestions as to what would work better for you and how to approach the next phase. With no obligation, this is purely an audit which gives you suggestions and allows you to make an informed decision on what your next steps will be.

Website development and design

Knowing what you want for your website these days can sometimes be as easy as glancing at the ubiquitous screens we have in our daily lives. But is what you want going to respond to what your business NEEDS? Getting a website to the standard you want, to a budget AND in a way that allows you to then manage it yourself is quite a different matter.

A number of clients I meet have often had a website built, but who – at a later point – then found themselves trapped into a restrictive and dependent working relationship with a developer who they had to rely on to always update their websites. I work with my clients, creating and building websites and I upskills my clients to be able (if they want to) to have a website which – once complete – they can then confidently manage, maintain and improve it themselves.

I always lay out clearly the options available to clients and ensure that my clients have the information they need to make an informed decision about their website and online presence. After all, these are your tools for your business that should be built to ENABLE you, not to hinder you. Smoke and mirrors are no good to anyone…

Let me know if you’ve got a project in mind.

Social Media Content Strategy and Content Creation

You may have a website and are desperate to get more people to it? Or perhaps you have had success on one platform but are unsure what could work for you. Maybe you’ve heard about Paid Social Media campaigns but are not sure how you could use them?

Whatever your need I can work with you to create a targeted and intelligent campaign, fit for purpose and within budget. I can show you how to use the tools that you need to “do” social media and advise or create social media campaigns and content (messaging, images etc) to increase awareness, drive traffic or increase your lead generation.


Many of the teams or business people I have taken on have got some element of marketing already in place. Sometimes they want to develop social media but are unsure how to integrate it into their already busy working life. Having worked with a myriad of teams and helped many of them develop marketing I can help you review your priorities and current activities and show you how easily digital marketing can help you reach your goals. I go more into the range of training services I offer, on my training page.

Non-digital marketing material

At times non-digital marketing material comes in handy for a special event or marketing campaign and there are many services such as and Canva etc. that are easy to use and can help you. However, I have clients who do not feel confident enough in these areas to take on self-service marketing and who would like someone else to create printed materials for them. I can step in and get them designed and delivered to your door. If however, you want training in these to help you do this for yourself –  then I can help here too.

I always quote on jobs before starting and am able to give you an idea of the cost of a project or project phases once we have talked about what your goals and challenges so if you have any questions about fees, or want to go further into the project you have in mind, I would love to hear from you.