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I have been working with the fantastic team at RangeRoom a fashion-tech start-up based in London’s Shoreditch area.

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Working with start-ups I discovered is one seriously rewarding experience. Their ability to respond to challenges and to client requirements often left me breathless with admiration. Here’s what RangeRoom CEO & Founder, Brendan Baldrey said about RangeRoom’s experience of working with DIGITAL ENABLR:

“Laura joined us relatively early in our journey as a fashion tech start-up. She rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in immediately. Her curiosity and ability to listen meant that not only did she understand what we offered as a Saas platform (despite our default & complex industry-speak) she also quickly understood our tone of voice and company culture and how that would inform everything she did with us.

She helped us across our strategy – from looking at how we spoke to our audiences, building a strategy around owning our messages and identifying which channels would work best for the various audiences that we speak to. And more importantly how we could build campaigns that were measurable and could drive better results and more accurate learnings about how to evolve our digital marketing, quickly. The combination of Laura’s expertise and the authority that brings along with her lovely manner, energy and soft skills meant that she became seamlessly embedded with the team, making the collaboration really easy and respectful.

Laura joined us 2-3 days a week as our Digital Marketing guru and revolutionised everything about how we approached our digital marketing. With her experience, she was able to, not only build a very robust strategy but was equally capable of getting really granular and educating the team on new tools or processes we would need to sustain our digital marketing progression. This ability – to see the big picture as well as pick out important details – gave us a robust view of what we needed to do. Laura has enabled us to do this with both authority and has both nurtured and encouraged us – which is invaluable. Laura doesn’t have a ‘consultancy’ approach – she is very much about collaborating on projects that drive results, educating the team to be self-sustaining and confident.” Brendan Baldrey, CEO & Founder

For more information, or talk to Laura directly on 07946 758710.

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